How To Fundraise with Us

How to Fundraise with Us

Step 1

Simply register your group for an account and receive a Fundraiser Code that you will share with your supporters that will be used during Checkout. If you have a Farm to Table Account Manager in your area, they are happy to assist in setting up your account. If you would like to have an Account Manager contact you, please email us at

Step 2

If you know when you would like to start your campaign, go ahead and enter it. If you want to think about it and discuss with your group, you can come back later to set the dates. You only have to register your group once but you can set up additional campaigns whenever needed.

Step 3

Once you decide on your campaign, simply send an email/newsletter/announcement along with your code/link to your supporters letting them know where to shop and what the campaign dates are.

Be sure to check in with your Account Manager midway to see how the campaign is going so you can send another notice reminding supporters of the closing date of the campaign.

Use social media as much as possible to promote your campaign, noting what you are raising funds for and the dates.

Step 4

When your campaign closes, we will run a report for you and email it to you as well as send out your profit cheque.